The first BS 8203:2017 panel to exceed the new standards

BS 8203:2017 – Code of practise for installation of resilient coverings.

FG1 Plywood now exceeds BS 8203 : 2017. After working closely with the CFA and other relevant governing bodies for 18 months, including several LVT manufactures.

FG1 Plywood are pleased to announce that our FG1 product is the first plywood in the UK market to not just be fully compliant to the new specifications listed in BS 8203:2017 Annex A. But to exceed them “by design” to give complete and total piece of mind.

“FG1 is the only plywood out there that exceeds and doesn’t just match the new standard.”

The new BS 8203:2017 Annex A was published in March 2017 and is the new British Standard on the performance of flooring grade plywood’s.

We are pleased with this significant development within our idustry and having worked closely for months with several relevant parties, we are very happy with the outcome and the fact that there is now a very clear definition for ,manufacturers and installers that are working to the new British Standard.