We guarantee FG1 Plywood across all flooring applications including LVT if you are following manufacturer instructions and the guidelines set out by the new BS 8203:2017 which FG1 far exceeds.

Exceeds BS 8203:2017

FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood is a new product introduced into the UK market in 2016 and has been specifically manufactured for the flooring trade. It exceeds industry standards and requirements for flooring grade plywood as set out by BS 8203:2017 Guidelines. This ensures FG1 is the most reliable and best plywood panel for any flooring application. Here you can find out a detailed specification on our standard 5.5mm board.

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Flooring the Competition

When it comes to manufacturing plywood, we know a thing or two. We understand that for successful floor laying and subfloor preparation, you need a stable product that is engineered to the highest possible standards in a fully controlled environment. The result is a precision made plywood that outperforms all other plywood panels on the market today. Making FG1 the No.1 plywood panel in the industry

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Why Buy FG1?

The flooring industry recognises and acknowledges the need for a plywood which has been manufactured to a clear specification and is guaranteed for use across all flooring applications, without any faults. FG1 exceeds these specifications to ensure absolute quality and product performance. You can find out how FG1 compares to other plywood's across the industry and what additional benefits FG1 provides.

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What Is FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood?

FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood is developed specifically for the purpose of flooring underlay and exceeds the necessary industry standards and requirements. The flooring industry acknowledges and recognises the need for a plywood which has been manufactured to a clear specification and is guaranteed for all flooring applications.

The species used for the FG1 is Meranti and Mersawa. The place of origin is Indonesia.

Meranti and Mersawa exterior is a high utility grade plywood, suitable for a wide range of applications where strength and durability are a priority.

Our FG1 suppliers have invested heavily in the latest computerised and automated “Meinan” peeling technology, so there is no need to check the veneer thicknesses manually. The drying system is fitted with sensors measuring the moisture content of each veneer sheet as come out of the dryers. Having also purchased a “Kikugawa” sensor machine, which is located at the out feed of the sander, has a dual function as follows:

  • Scanning the sheet for any delamination or core failure
  • Measuring the thickness of each sheet after sanding. Any sheet out of the tolerance range of +/- 0.3mm will cause a red light to show and the sheet will be removed

Available in two thicknesses, 5.5mm and 9mm.  Full 8 x 4ft sheets or cut to 4 x 2ft. With other bespoke sizes available upon request.

Excellent value for money. The best flooring grade plywood on the market.  Exceeding all of BS 8203:2017 Flooring Grade Plywood guidelines.