Below are endorsements from company's who have tested and / or use FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood. - You can click on the below logo's to take you to their respective website.

From the trials, it can be seen that this plywood (FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood) performed satisfactorily over the variety of tests conducted and as such, presuming the samples submitted are representative of the standard material being supplied; the following applies.

When fixed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice and acclimatised to the in-service conditions of the final finished area, the FG1 plywood appears to be a suitable base to receive the ARDEX range of smoothing and levelling compounds designed for timber substrate applications.

The Ardex ranges of floorcovering adhesives also appear compatible and suitable for use on the FG1 plywood, with the adhesion results seen indicating performance of the board to be as we would have expected.

Ian Lawton - Technical Services Representative at ARDEX UK Ltd

In simple terms the product (FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood) is very very good, it has passed all tests on my end so far.

Matt Bourne - Managing Director at Floor Skills Training Centre

We carried out qualitative adhesion tests that we carried out using one of your supplied samples of FG1 plywood with our Stopgap 700 Superflex floor smoothing underlayment, which is our standard recommendation for smoothing plywood subfloors.

Based on the results seen, the FG1 plywood is suitable to receive Stopgap 700 Superflex, and we cannot foresee any issues with applying our Stopgap 500 Micro floor finishing compound or any of our adhesives to the plywood.

John Green - Technical Service Offer at F. Ball and Co. Ltd

"We conducted tests utilising a range of Bona Siliane based flexible adhesives compliant with standard ISO 17178 across the 3-different industry standard grading's. Grades Elastic R848, Hard Elastic R850 and Hard R860 as well as our general construction adhesive R880. All products were permitted the required drying times. No primer was deemed necessary. Data sheets can be found on our website

All adhesives performed to the required standard and had good adhesion to the plywood

Alec Stacey - Technical Manger at Bona Ltd

"Spotnails Ltd are happy to recommend FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood for use with our products"

Craig Bates - Spotnails Ltd

"Amtico are now using FG1 Flooring Grade Plywood at our training centre. We are pleased with the excellent level of quality. All the lads in the course thought it was nice to cut and looked pretty good. are first job with FG1 went down very well a pleasure to work with."